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18 June 2024 - 5 July 2024
Torino, Italy
5G towards 6G for CitiVerse Conference & B2B

CitiVerse Conference Programme   

18/06/2024 on-site

08.30 - 9.15 Registration
9.15 – 9.35 Opening and Institutional Greeting
Conference Presenter: Alberto Mattiello, Urban Futurist, and International Keynote speaker
Alessandra Cimadom, City of Turin General Director
Corrado Alberto, Board Member Torino Chamber of Commerce

9.35 - 9.55 Opening Dialogue “The CitiVerse Paradigm in Europe and beyond”
Alberto Mattiello, Urban Futurist
Jonas Onland, Serendipity

SESSION 1 - From Digital Twin to CitiVerse for Smart Life

9.55 - 11.00 First round table
“ From digital twin to citiverse applications for urban planning and smart life”
Moderated by: Jonas Onland, Serendipity.
Piero Boccardo, Polytechnic of Turin, Turin Digital Twin: use cases and perspectives
Tanya Politi, Representative from Metacities Excellent Hub: Excellence Hub for future cities and regions in Southeast Europe, built upon Digital Twins and metaverse technologies
Paolo Nesi, University of Florence, Snap4City Platform for Global and Local Digital Twins
Jonathan Napolitano, Real again, IoT & Blockchain enabled Urban Plastic Bank
Maurizio Dellosta, Planet Smart City

10.30-12.00 First round of demoshowcase/B2B (in parallel, room Binario 3)

11.00 - 11.10 Smart pitches
Mario Sabatino Riontino, Enlite AI, Detekt
Roberto Demarchi, Utwin
Leo Chiechi, Digitarca

SESSION 2 - Immersive Technologies for Culture and Entertainment

Moderated by: Alberto Mattiello, Urban Futurist

11.10 -11.25 Opening Keynote: "Spatial narratives"
John Volpato, Ultra

11.25 - 12.25 First Dialogue - Extended Reality for Culture, Entertainment and Gaming
Lorenzo Natale, IIT, CTE Genova & Convince EC projects in Turin
Andrea Basso, Crossmedia Europe - AI & XR for immersive cultural and touristic visits within EC project TRialsnet
Alessandro Bogliolo, CTE Square Pesaro
Massimo Migliorini, LINKS Foundation, CTE NEXT Torino
Nicola Farronato, W4Games

12.25-13.25 Second Dialogue - Immersive and distributed production from TV to Cinema
Moderated by: Gaia Tridente, Director of MIA (International Audiovisual Market) 
Luca Vignaroli, Research Center RAI - 5G broadcast for distributed production applied to Music and Artistic performance - The Experience of the 5G Jazz Jam session 2023
Tatiana Mazali, Associate Professor, Cinema and Media Engineering at Politecnico di Torino
Paolo Manera, Director, Torino Piemonte Film Commission
Sara Tirelli, Director, CSC Immersive Arts
Voyelle Acker, Producer, Small Studio

13.00-14.30 Lunch break and Second round of demoshowcase/B2B (in parallel, room Binario 3)

SESSION 3 - 5G to 6G for Smart life & smart mobility

14.30 - 14.50 Keynote speech “6G Positioning and Sensing Through the Lens of Sustainability, Inclusiveness, and Trustworthiness: which Key Value Indicators?”
Hassan Osman, Real Wireless

14.50-16,05 Third Round Table “5to6G and AI to support future mobility solutions in Cities”
Moderated by: Fabrizio Arneodo, 5T
Eloy Gomez, EIT Urban Mobility
Daniele Brevi, Links Foundation, Envelope Project
Andrea Di Giglio, TIM, Trialsnet Project, Smart Ambulance Use Case
Massimo Moraglio, TU Berlin
Dario Sabella, ETSI MEC, Chairman, Intel

16.00-17.30 Third round of demoshowcase/B2B (in parallel, room Binario 3)

16.05 - 16.15 Smart Pitches
Anais Enrico, Karos
Hugo Furtado, Dreamwaves

16.15 - 17.30 "The Living Lab Approach: Tips for pioneering emerging technologies in real urban settings" - powered by Enoll
Moderator: Martina De Sole, Director European Network of Living Labs
Inga Barisa, Riga City Council Digital Agency Adviser, EU digital innovations, Coordinator of “5G4Lives” project (CEF Smart Communities programme)
Spyros Denazis, University of Patras, Greece, p-net Competence Center (https://p-net.gr/) Open 5G/6G network infrastructures and close to production networks for Smart City verticals
Elena Deambrogio, CTE NEXT Urban Testing Programmes and linked EC- projects
Dimitri Schuurman, IMEC Living Lab
Matteo Satta, EU and Cities Expert, Coordinator Climaborough project (Horizon Europe)

SESSION 4: Ethics and sustainability

17.30- 17.50 Final Keynote: “Immersive technologies redefining experiences in arts, marketing and gaming”
Elisabetta Rotolo, MIAT

17.50-18.30 Closure Debate “Emerging Technologies and AI for future cities: ethical and sustainable AI for urban innovative services”
Moderator: Alberto Mattiello, Urban Futurist
Guido Boella, University of Turin, Member of National AI Advisory Board
Pietro Pacini, General Director of CSI Piemonte and President of Assinter
Chiara Foglietta, Deputy Mayor for Innovation, Digital and ecological transition, Mobility and Environment, City of Torino

Demo showcases and aperitif @Binario 2!

Closed since 5 July 2024
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