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18 June 2024 - 5 July 2024
Torino, Italy
5G towards 6G for CitiVerse Conference & B2B

Partnerships for Horizon Europe (P4HEU)

20-21/06/2024 online

Presentation of ideas and competences for project proposals, inspiring sessions and panels, and online 1:1 meetings for creating consortia.

The 6th edition of P4HEU initiative is organised as a side event of the 5G towards 6G for Citiverse conference. 

It consists in 2 main presentation mornings and 2 weeks for organising online meetings, following this agenda:

June 20th (morning): Presentation of keynote speakers, and project ideas and company competences. - Agenda 20/06  

June 21st (morning): Panel of Municipalities and presentation of project ideas and company competences. - Agenda 21/06

June 20th - July 5th: Online brokerage event (1:1 meetings)

For whom

Companies, research centres, universities, clusters and other entities from all European Member States and Horizon Europe associated countries interested in presenting proposals to the Horizon Europe 2024-2025 calls linked to smart city and communities topics.

    Goals and benefits for participants

    • Create contacts and partnerships aimed at presenting proposals to the Horizon Europe calls.
    • Receive information about trends, facts, R&D&I interests related to smart cities and communities.
    • Publish and showcase your project ideas, competences and expertise to all participants.
      • Initiate and arrange promising pre-scheduled 1:1 meetings at the event
      • Generate and meet new contacts in a time and cost-efficient way, with common interests.

      2024-2025 Horizon Europe calls updates

      Horizon Europe calls and topics, both open and forthcoming, can be found HERE

      Be a speaker!! CLOSED

      Register within the 15th May and you can be selected to be one of the speakers and present your ideas/competences during one of the morning sessions.

      Selection of speakers will be held from May 23rd and communication on the selection of speakers will be on June 3th. Please include all relevant information while registering, the ideas and competences you candidate are visible only to the organisers.

      Organising clusters and projects

      The P4HEU event is organised by European clusters supporting innovation, cooperation and collaborations in topics related to smart cities and communities, and specially areas such as ICT, mobility, logistics, energy, automotive, transport, safety, security and environment:

      if you are a Cluster and want to be part of this initiative, contact us at networking@smartcommunitiestech.it!

      Furthermore, the initiative collaborates with national and European projects linked to smart cities, innovation and competitiveness:

      • AIBC EUROCLUSTERS: Artificial Intelligence & BlockChain for a greener and more digital economy supported by EUROpean CLUSTERS. Funded by the European Union.
      • EXPAND EDIH - European Digital Innovation Hub. Funded by the European Union and the MIMIT.   
      • AI4Citizens Interreg Europe Project.

      Closed since 5 July 2024
      Location OGR - Officine Grandi Riparazioni Rooms "Binario 2" and "Binario 3"
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      Italy 219
      Türkiye 32
      Spain 25
      Germany 24
      Romania 18
      Greece 12
      France 9
      Latvia 8
      Austria 7
      Netherlands 6
      Belgium 6
      United Kingdom 5
      Hungary 4
      Portugal 4
      Switzerland 3
      Bulgaria 3
      Finland 3
      Denmark 3
      Ukraine 3
      Poland 2
      Slovenia 2
      Brazil 2
      San Marino 1
      Norway 1
      Cameroon 1
      Viet Nam 1
      Croatia 1
      Slovakia 1
      Czech Republic 1
      Serbia 1
      Ireland 1
      Mexico 1
      Total 410