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18 June 2024 - 5 July 2024
Torino, Italy
5G towards 6G for CitiVerse Conference & B2B

Visit the Demo Area at Binario 2 to discover new technologies!

Stendhapp: an innovative startup with a social vocation proposing in Torino, together with CTE Next, an application capable of suggesting nearby cultural events and places, based on the user's real-time behavior and image recognition through machine learning (ML);

QuestIT: an innovative SME proposing the development of an avatar capable of “dialoguing” with deaf citizens in the context of real-time emergency service 112, a challenge launched by Azienda31-Regione Piemonte as part of the Call4Testing Future City of CTE NEXT.

Links Foundation: Demonstrator "Museums in the Metaverse." Thanks to Extended Reality (XR), a journey through time in a Renaissance Square created in the Metaverse is realized. Through VR headsets, it is possible to create a personalized Renaissance medal. The PoC was created to bring young people closer to museums and innovate museum enjoyment.

Reefilla: a company that has conceived and implemented a "mobile and predictive" charging service for electric vehicles to create a flexible and complementary alternative to traditional charging stations.

Hoken Tech: a cutting-edge startup from Puglia specializing in digitizing and tokenizing art through NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) on the blockchain, specifically the EOS blockchain as it is economical, fast, and above all, carbon neutral.

UTwin: a proptech company enhancing building and infrastructure data through Digital Twins. It supports building owners, property managers and operators using data in a more sustainable and collaborative way. Together with CTE NEXT, it has created a digital twin of the Pestalozzi School in Turin.

Tāua: an innovative startup founded in 2020 operating in the IoT sector and patenting TAUANITO INAIR, a device that measures and transmits environmental parameters to improve well-being, optimize energy consumption and support companies' ESG goals.

Impersive: Technology for producing 360° stereoscopic, full-body, in-motion videos, this is unique in the international landscape.

Detekt: an Austrian startup that has patented GeoAI technology that uses mobile cartography data to efficiently identify road signs, horizontal signage, and road defects.

Cometa: a digital company, part of the Covisian group, designing and offering interactive services based on virtual, augmented, mixed reality and artificial intelligence. The company has also applied “GPT-OpenAI” artificial intelligence to the Metaverse and customer experience.

Bicincittà: the most widespread bike-sharing service in Italy. In over 100 cities, bikes are parked in strategic points, available 365 days a year, allowing people to experience the city quickly, with fun and in an economic way.

Bylogix: an engineering company providing OEMs and Tier1 with electrical and electronic engineering services and solutions for the automotive industry, with a particular focus on electrification.

Snap4City: a 100% open-source FIWARE platform developed under the coordination of DISIT Lab (Distributed Systems and Internet Technology Lab of Florence) resulting from four years of research, capable of exploiting artificial intelligence and big data technologies to improve city safety by offering anomaly detection, early warning and environmental risk assessment.

Trailslight: an innovative startup from Bologna using sound data collection and classification via artificial intelligence to enable adaptive street lighting regulation.

IrisNet: a German company having developed an intelligent traffic light based on artificial intelligence and gesture recognition, particularly useful for pedestrians.

Additionally, TrialsNet, a project of the City of Turin funded by the Horizon-JU-SNS-2022 research and innovation program of the European Union, consists of 13 innovative use cases leveraging "beyond 5G" networks to improve the urban environment in various ways. TrialsNet will bring 8 international demos developed in numerous European cities, including some developed in Turin related to augmented and immersive enjoyment of museum works or gamification solutions to increase the enjoyment of urban heritage like Parco del Valentino. Among the international demos, there is a Smart Traffic Management solution to reduce traffic congestion and improve road safety; artificial intelligence algorithms and robots for public infrastructure maintenance; Digital Twins, dashboards, and shared control rooms for faster coordination of information and interventions in case of emergencies. From Athens, a use case based on XR technology for the enjoyment of museum works.

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